All Rainbow's Policies and procedures are available to look at on the parent/carer notice board.

Below are the policies relevant to the ethos and values we strive to promote at  Rainbow Pre-school

Attendance Policy

At Rainbow, we aim to assist every child to build their confidence, develop self-reliance, learn to make decisions and develop the ability to articulate their feelings and ideas. We believe therefore that it is important for each child in our care to attend regularly and punctually. Good attendance sets good boundaries for the future.

 A register is taken each day recording who is present and absent. At the end of each term, the total number of sessions attended by the child for that term will be recorded on the attendance sheet in the front of their Learning Journey book.

Rainbow understands that sometimes children may be unable to attend due to illness, appointments, family events or holidays. All we ask is that parents contact us before the start of the session so the absence can be recorded as authorised. Absences can be notified by telephone, text, email or by personal visit.

 In the case of illness please notify us on the first day of absence and then please update us regularly throughout the period of absence.

 Please note that if a child has not arrived by 10.00am in the morning or 1.30pm in the afternoon and we have not had prior notice of their absence then we will telephone to find out why they are not attending their session.

 We wish to advise you that if Essex County Council funds your child’s place they have the right to audit attendance.

E-Safety Policy

An Ofcom report published in January 2016 revealed the following statistics for children between the ages of 3 and 4 :


o    23% use tablets

o    12% use tablets to go online

o    37% reported using games consoles in 2014

o    32% have access to the internet via a PC/Laptop or notebook at home

o    39% have access to a tablet


Here at Rainbow we adhere to the E-Safety policy when using any technology with the children.  Whilst at home you may not always be aware of what the children could be viewing via their devices.  The following Websites are useful and can provide top tips around managing e-safety at home:


Think U Know: www.thinkuknow.co.uk

Childnet: www.childnet.co.uk

Kidsmart: www.kidsmart.org.uk

British Values Policy

At Rainbow Pre-school, we provide a curriculum which actively promotes the fundamental British values of:

·         Democracy

·         Rule of Law

·         Individual Liberty

·         Mutual respect and tolerance


Promoting British Values as defined by the Department for Education, is already embedded in our day to day work with the children. We also teach the children about the world in which they live and develop their understanding of life in modern Britain.

 Democracy: Making decisions together

We actively encourage children to know their views count, listen to each other’s views and talk about their feelings, e.g. when they do or do not need help.

Staff provide activities that involve turn taking, sharing and working together and children are given opportunities to develop enquiring minds and know that questions are valued. This helps to develop their confidence and self-awareness (Personal, Social and Emotional Development)

 Rule of Law: Understanding rules matter

Staff help children to understand their own and others behaviour, its consequences and learn the difference between right and wrong. Staff  help children to follow rules for behaviour in our setting e.g. kind hands and feet, kind words, walking indoors, indoor voices, we all tidy up together, we are all friends at Rainbow. (Personal, Social and Emotional Development)

 Individual Liberty: Freedom for all

We help the children to develop a positive sense of themselves through providing opportunities which develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and increase their confidence e.g. encouraging them to put on their own coats, shoes etc., talk about their experiences at circle time, show and tell.

(Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Understanding the World)

 Mutual Respect and Tolerance: Treat others as you want to be treated.

We encourage the children to be part of the local community: visits to the library, primary schools, local churches, visit homes for the elderly to deliver harvest gifts and to sing at Christmas time.

We plan to celebrate festivals and mark special days from the world around us e.g. Chinese New Year, Diwali, Eid.

We teach children about the world around them and use the seasons, weather, and special days to plan meaningful learning experiences.

Staff actively encourage and explain the importance of sharing and respecting each other’s opinions.

(Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Understanding the World)


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